The All-In-One Business Hours plugin to create and display business hours in a modern and stylish layout.

General key features

  • Fully responsive & customizable
  • High Resolution Retina Ready
  • Unlimited colors for customization
  • Use different time zones and languages (auto translating days - no need for translation files)
  • Create different locations with different information
  • Add holidays
  • Add breaks/ special hours between regular hours
  • Compatible with caching plugins (W3 Total Cache and WP Rocket)

Display features

  • Display start and end business hours
  • Add multiple opening hours for individual days
  • Display open 24 hours for certain days
  • Display business hours for the entire week
  • Display business hours for today
  • Display week days as short format (ex: Mon/Tue/Wed)
  • Group consecutive days with same start and end hours

Display features continued

  • Display holiday information
  • Display location information (phone, fax, address, Google Map and image)
  • Using shortcodes to place business hours on any post or page

Customization features

  • Customize all messages
  • Use online style generator to generate unique styles
  • Upload image for location
  • Custom message during holidays and special days

Other features

  • Supports all major browsers
  • Language file is provided to translate the plugin


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See how you can customize the All-In-One WP Business Hours plugin to match your website and brand colors. Below are some of the example layouts to show different options:

Example #1: Default Settings

  • The default colors are meant to match every website

Example #2: Change Colors and View Format

  • Customize the layout to match your business or brand colors
  • Show the hours for the entire week
  • Abbreviate weekdays
  • Group days which have same start and end hours

Example #3: Show Location Info

  • You have the option to display location information.
  • In this example current local time is also hidden.

Example #4: Auto Translate days and custom message translation

  • Auto translate days and months
  • Custom translation for messages
  • Add breaks/ special hours between regular hours (ex: Lunch break)

Example #5: Add Holiday

  • Add holidays
  • Assign multiple holidays to a location
  • Hide all days except today

Example #6: Minimal Layout

  • Minimal Layout
  • Show today's status and hours

Example #7: Fully Responsive

  • Hide Weekends
  • Fully Responsive

Place Shortcode on Pages and Posts

You can use shortcodes to display All-In-One Business Hours anywhere in your posts and pages. Just copy the shortcode from the widget settings and paste it in your desired place. For example:

[ business-hr id="472" ]

Purchase All-In-One Business Hours from CodeCanyon


Please visit this page to view screenshots of the admin area.